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* So Howard Cosell has been bumped from the World Series. Breaks my heart.

* Actually, I have Howard’s new book, the one that’s getting him into all this trouble. I’ll get around to reading it as soon as I finish two other sports classics: “Mr. Ed Was a Stud,” by Secretariat, and “Shhhh!: The George Hendrick Story.”

1. George Brett

2. Experience

3. Left-handed pitching

1. Speed

2. Whitey Herzog

3. My boss is from St. Louis
* FROM THE RICH-GET-RICHER DEPT. — How did the Miami Dolphins, already one of the best teams in football, wind up with Hugh Green, an outstanding linebacker from Tampa Bay?

Don Shula was reading the newspapers last week and saw Green had walked out of camp. He had Charley Winner, the Dolphins’ scouting director, call the Buccaneers on a whim. Soon they were talking. Shula took over the negotiations

himself. By Tuesday he had struck a deal — a first- and second-round draft choice for Green.

Insiders say the Dolphins just bought their ticket to the Super Bowl. Goes to show you what you can do when you read the papers. Come to think of it, I’m going to write that Joe Montana is unhappy in San Francisco and send a copy to the Lions’ offices. Who knows? Is it my imagination, or is George Brett starting to look like Peter Ueberroth as he gets older?

* It’s official now. Lloyd Moseby’s mom said he made the catch.
* The Guts of the Week Award must go to Cynthia Alzado, Lyle’s wife. She’s suing him for half their property.
* True to form, Eddie Robinson became a bona fide legend last Saturday with class. He passed Bear Bryant’s all-time college football victory record, and rather than grab the spotlight solo, he shared it with former Grambling greats like Tank Younger, Buck Buchanan and Willie Davis.
* Good show to Sports Illustrated, by the way, for putting Robinson on the cover this week.
* Did you know the Toronto Blue Jays were named partly after a beer? “Blue” by Labatt’s. I thought that was just the color you turn in their new outdoor press box.
* The best news for the Eagles is that the Philadelphia newspapers are still on strike.
* How much will it cost the Tigers to keep Kirk Gibson? Start counting by hundred-thousands. I’ll check back with you in a few days.
* Actually, Howard. There’s another book. “Soul On Ice: Confessions of a Luge Man.”
* I know this sounds a bit rash, but the next person I see wearing a yellow tie with blue polka dots I’m going to choke.
* If you ask me, this week’s Lions’ game is the season. The Green Bay rout pointed out the ugly truth: The Lions were not as good as their record. If they fall to Washington this week, you can almost predict a nosedive against Miami, San Francisco and Chicago. If they can regroup and beat Washington, it shows there’s more to them than just lucky interceptions against Dallas.
* Sorry, Howard. I forgot about “Save Me the Pretzels: The Pete Johnson Story.”
* The best compliment to Michigan’s season so far? When you ask sports writers, “What do you think of Bo?” they say, “Jackson or Schembechler?”
* AND NOW, SEVEN SECONDS ON THE NBA: Pistons look good, Lakers look good, Bucks look good, Knicks look taller, Philly looks older, Celtics win.
* Whatever happens this season, you can’t accuse the Red Wings of resting on their pads.
* Rumor has it that Don Zimmer might be the Astros’ next coach. The Gerbil Returns.
* BETTER LATE THAN NEVER PREDICTION: If Toronto wins tonight, the series ends Saturday.
* HE IS THE SWAMI: I can’t let this pass. Last Sunday, on our weekly NFL picks page, Free Press football writer Curt Sylvester was perfect. 14-0. Picked every game. I called to congratulate him, but he was already on a plane to Las Vegas.
* The only fight left worth watching? Michael Spinks vs. Marvin Hagler. For all the belts.


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