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* Chicago 31, Detroit 21: Erik Kramer was always a smart, classy guy, so if I see him glancing across the field at his old team and giggling, I’m gonna be real disappointed. Pick vs. spread: Chicago.

* Oakland 17, Dallas 16: Something about the Cowboys and Bay Area teams. Pick vs. spread: Oakland.

* Buffalo 23, NY Jets 10: Guess which of these New York state teams actually plays in the state of New York? Would it be the one with “New York” in its name? Guess again. Pick vs. spread: Buffalo.
* Tampa Bay 19, Jackson-ville 17: I love the way Errict Rhett runs, but I think he bought too many letters the last time he was on “Wheel Of Fortune.” Pick vs. spread: Jacksonville.
* New England 14, Indianapolis 9: There were two pieces of stunning news for Michigan fans last week. One is that Lloyd Carr is the new football coach. The other is that Jim Harbaugh is still the AFC’s top-rated passer. Pick vs. spread: New England.
* Carolina 13, Arizona 7: Is it safe to say the only thing worse in the desert

than Buddy Ryan is an iguana monster? Pick vs. spread: Carolina.
* Washington 10, Seattle 9: When is that Rick Mirer career supposed to kick in? Pick vs. spread: Seattle.
* Pittsburgh 14, Cincinnati 9: Can you believe the Jets gave up on Jeff Blake without even playing him? I guess, given the Jets’ performance recently, you can. Pick vs. spread: Pittsburgh.
* Philadelphia 23, NY Giants 21: People keep telling me “Rodney Peete is doing a great job in Philadelphia,” and I keep saying, “Give him time.” Pick vs. spread: Giants.
* Green Bay 27, Cleveland 10: You know all that bad karma that the Cleveland Indians used to have? It’s been transferred to the Browns. Pick vs. spread: Green Bay.
* Minnesota 21, New Orleans 12: Warren Moon turned 39 recently. For his birthday, they gave him a ventilator. Pick vs. spread: Minnesota.
* Kansas City 24, Houston 8: Another week, another franchise moving. Pick vs. spread: Kansas City.
* Atlanta 22, St. Louis 21: Craig Heyward’s nickname is “Ironhead.” I wonder how many guys challenge him to fight in a bar? Pick vs. spread: St. Louis.
* Denver 30, San Diego 26: This year, they’re not the Chargers, they’re the tip-toers. Pick vs. spread: Denver.
* Miami 23, San Francisco 20 (Monday night): Elvis Grbac was on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week. Need I say more? Pick vs. spread: Miami.
* Last week: 6-8.
* Season: 53-52 (I got a late start).
* Last week vs. spread: 6-8.
* Season vs. spread: 50-52-3.
* Mitch vs. Curt (vs. spread): Curt Sylvester leads Albom by four games, 54-48-3 to 50-52-3.
* Best pick last week: Buffalo 23, Atlanta 22 (Bills won, 23-17).
* Worst pick last week: Denver 26, Philadelphia 19 (Eagles won, 31-13).


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