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MITCH ALBOM COLTS 31, BEARS 17 The AFC was better this season. The Colts were the best of the AFC. The Bears have been wobbly in the two areas you can’t be wobbly if you want to win a Super Bowl: quarterback and defense. If both of those are magnificent tonight, the Bears could pull the upset. But the Colts can control the game as long as they don’t turn the ball over. Bet on Indy’s win over New England to be the hump it needed to clear: The Super Bowl may actually be less pressure.

MICHAEL ROSENBERG COLTS 20, BEARS 16 The funny thing about Super Bowl hype is that by the Sunday of the game, the favorite seems like the greatest team ever and the underdog is given no chance. I don’t buy that. If Rex Grossman has one of his big games – and he has had several this year – Chicago should win. The suspicion here is that Grossman plays OK, Peyton Manning plays a little better, and the Colts squeeze past Chicago in a tight but not particularly artistic championship game.

DREW SHARP BEARS 26, COLTS 24 The most dominating unit on the field tonight will be the Bears’ offensive line. The line will wear down an improved, yet still underwhelming Colts defensive front and create enough openings for the Chicago backfield tandem of Thomas Jones and Cedric Benson. The line also will keep the pressure off QB Rex Grossman. The Bears’ success will give the Florida Gators a triple crown of sorts. They’ll have the national champion in football, basketball and the winning Super Bowl quarterback. Chomp!


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