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* Lions 20, Green Bay 14: I have a rule. I never pick teams whose quarterbacks spell their name one way, and pronounce it another. Got that, Brett Favre?

* Dallas 29, NY Giants 10: The Giants keep talking about the wind in Giants Stadium. Sorry. That wind would have to blow the Dallas plane off course in order to affect this game.

* Kansas City 20, Seattle 10: Joe Montana’s seeing “January” on the calendar is like Popeye’s swallowing spinach.
* Miami 20, New England 13: First they were the best team in the AFC. Now they may not reach the playoffs. Make up your minds, Dolphins.
* Buffalo 23, Indianapolis 0: If the Colts were the opponents in “The Longest Yard,” Burt Reynolds would have won by 20.
* Pittsburgh 20, Cleveland 17: Hurry up, Bill Belichick. Only one game left to say, “I’m sorry.”
* Atlanta 20, Phoenix 14: The winning coach misses the playoffs. The losing coach gets fired. Great game, huh?
* Denver 20, LA Raiders 17: I’m surprised they don’t make a mini-series out of

the Raiders, because the team has such multiple personalities.
* New Orleans 16, Cincinnati 7: I know. The Saints have won two games in the last two months. But it’s a new month.
* San Diego 19, Tampa Bay 9: There’s something really wrong with the schedule when we have to watch the Buccaneers play beyond New Year’s.
* Chicago 6, LA Rams 2: Both teams just want to go home.
* Houston 20, NY Jets 17: I know the Oilers don’t need to win this game. But they can’t help it.
* San Francisco 28, Philadelphia 20 (Monday night): Bet this isn’t what ABC had in mind when it scheduled this game last summer.
* Best pick last week: Dallas 24, Washington 10 (Cowboys won, 38-3).
* Worst pick last week: Denver 20, Tampa Bay 6 (Bucs won, 17-10).
* Record last week: 4-10.
* Record vs. spread: 3-11.
* Season record: 132-78.
* Season vs. spread: 97-108-5.


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