Yesterday, May 23rd, Mitch celebrated his Birthday with one of his annual Gluttonous Feast. Each year, Mitch kisses calorie-counting goodbye and indluges in all of his favorite foods, from pancakes to pizza, and fries to ice-cream.

Mitch started the day with a heaping bowl of Cocoa Puffs, before moving on to the Original Pancake House in Birmingham, MI. where he enjoyed a Santa Fe cake/quiche/pancake/omelette (couldn’t decide on just one!):

French fries at Five Guys:


Buffalo chip and banana pudding flavored ice cream at Stucchi’s of Dexter in Annarbor:


At Maize and Blue Deli w/ Ed Sukkar. No. 32 sandwich- turkey, havarti, cheddar, olive, honey cup mustard on challah:


Stocking up at the Detroit Popcorn Company:


And, pizza and and cupcakes with family to round out the night with a birthday dinner at D’Amato’s:

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