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* DALLAS 21, WASHINGTON 10: He missed the kick! He missed the kick! Oh. Sorry. I’m still a little revved up from Monday night’s Lions game. Pick vs. spread: Washington.

* NEW ORLEANS 20, PHILADELPHIA 16: In Philly, they’re actually getting excited about Rodney Peete as their starting quarterback. This proves that it wasn’t just Rocky who took too many shots to the head. Vs. spread: New Orleans.

* ST. LOUIS 14, INDIANAPOLIS 10: The beat goes on. Vs. spread: St. Louis.
* TAMPA BAY 27, CAROLINA 7: The Buccaneers are religiously grateful for expansion; they consider it God’s way of creating teams that are worse than they are. Vs. spread: Tampa Bay.
* SEATTLE 21, DENVER 19: I never thought I’d say it, but there’s a baseball team in Denver with a better winning percentage than the Broncos. Vs. spread: Denver.
* MIAMI 28, CINCINNATI 10: Shula vs. Shula. The only game in history where one coach can threaten to spank the other and not get arrested. Vs. spread: Miami.
* HOUSTON 6, JACKSONVILLE 3: These teams actually played a few weeks ago. The fans fell sound asleep. So both teams figured, why not play again, and by the fourth quarter, when the fans actually wake up, they’ll think they’re still watching the same game. Vs. spread: Jacksonville.
* NEW ENGLAND 10, ATLANTA 9: The bad news is, New England’s starting quarterback, Scott Zolak, has started four games in five years. The good news is, there’s no film for Atlanta to study. Vs. spread: New England.
* KANSAS CITY 17, ARIZONA 8: The Cardinals keep losing players to injury. I think they’re just trying to get away from Buddy. Vs. spread: Arizona.
* SAN FRANCISCO 24, NY GIANTS 3: There are two things on Earth you do not want to be: a warthog, and the team that plays the 49ers after they lose on Monday night. Vs. spread: San Francisco.
* SAN DIEGO 19, PITTSBURGH 16: The Steelers have the mind-set to avenge last year’s loss. They just don’t have the manpower. Vs. spread: San Diego.
* OAKLAND 30, NY JETS 10: Even Namath couldn’t save this crew. Vs. spread: Oakland.
* CLEVELAND 24, BUFFALO 20 (MONDAY NIGHT): After the Indians and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I don’t pick anything against Cleveland. Vs. spread: Buffalo.
* BEST PICK LAST WEEK: St. Louis 23, Chicago 20. (Rams won, 34-28.)
* WORST PICK LAST WEEK: San Francisco 33, Detroit 14. (Lions won, 27-24.)
* SEASON RECORD: 7-4-1 (I got a late start).
* MITCH VS. CURT: Tied, 7-4-1 apiece.


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