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* Green Bay 21, Detroit 20: I picked the Lions to beat the Redskins. I was wrong. I picked the Lions to beat the Cardinals. I was wrong. I picked the 49ers to beat the Lions. I was wrong. Maybe I’ll be wrong again. Pick vs. spread: Green Bay.

* Pittsburgh 15, Jacksonville 9: Question: What’s the difference between a broken egg and this year’s Steelers? Answer: You can explain a broken egg. Pick vs. spread: Jacksonville.

* St. Louis 28, Philadelphia 25: The Eagles say Randall Cunningham will be used as a “secret weapon on offense this week.” Hmm. I got it. Just when the defender is about to make a tackle, Randall hits him in the head with the clipboard! Pick vs. spread: Philadelphia.
* Indianapolis 16, New York Jets 13: What’s the Jets’ secret weapon? Forfeit? Pick vs. spread: New York.
* Dallas 24, Atlanta 20: Deion returns to “his house.” Just once, I’d like to see a team owner hand him a stack of papers and say, “Here. If this is your house, these must be your bills.” Pick vs. spread: Atlanta.
* New England 17, Carolina 12: Here’s the difference between the Patriots at 2-5 and the Lions at 2-5. The Patriots are talking playoffs. Pick vs. spread: Carolina.
* Cincinnati 24, Cleveland 21: If what happens in the World Series is what I think is going to happen in the World Series, this will not be a great weekend for Cleveland. Pick vs. spread: Cincinnati.
* San Francisco 30, New Orleans 3: Remember when these games used to be close? Pick vs. spread: San Francisco.
* Tampa Bay 20, Houston 10: Is it just me, or does Errict Rhett have a few too many letters? Pick vs. spread: Tampa Bay.
* Miami 23, Buffalo 10: The face in Don Shula’s nightmares is now Jimmy Johnson. Assuming he’s gotten over that Garo Yepremian Super Bowl pass. Pick vs. spread: Miami.
* Arizona 8, Seattle 0: Why bother? Pick vs. spread: Arizona.
* Washington 20, New York Giants 10: Henry Ellard celebrates his 104th birthday with another 10-catch day. Pick vs. spread: Washington.
* Chicago 27, Minnesota 24 (Monday night): This Kramer kid, he’s a pretty good quarterback. Where’d he come from, anyway? Pick vs. spread: Chicago.
* Last week: 4-8.
* Season: 33-31 (I got a late start).
* Last week vs. spread: 5-7.
* Season vs. spread: 30-31-3.
* Mitch vs. Curt (vs. spread): Curt Sylvester leads by one game, 31-30-3 to 30-31-3. The sports writer with the best record gets his choice of teams in the Freep’s annual Great Super Bowl Debate. The debate will appear the day before Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, Ariz.
* Best pick last week: Chicago 24, Houston 20 (Bears won, 35-32).
* Worst pick last week: St. Louis 21, San Francisco 14 (49ers won, 44-10).


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