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* Let’s see now. Philadelphia fires its hockey coach. St. Louis fires its hockey coach. Montreal says goodby to its hockey coach. And Jacques Demers gets a two-year contract extension. No wonder everyone wants to work for the Red Wings.

* Actually, this rash of firings got me thinking: What business would certain sports stars get into when their athletic years were over?
* Chuck Nevitt’s Big & Tall Man’s Store
* Billy Martin’s Extra Strong Coffee
* Hair by Don King
* Speaking of the Red Wings, they are bowing to youth in cutting Harold Snepsts. But know this: Snepsts was a great influence on the Wings. A real example of maturity and perseverance. And seeing him on a scoring line against Edmonton — scraping, digging, doing whatever it took — is a memory this city will not soon forget.
* Dr. Harold Snepsts, DDS
* If you ask me, it’s just as well that Bobby Knight didn’t go to New Mexico. I can just see all that beautiful landscape littered with tossed chairs and smashed telephones.
* Besides, the Lobos? Is that really the team name? Didn’t they sing “La Bamba”?
* The Tigers lose three in a row, everybody is talking trades. The Tigers win two in a row, everybody is patting them on the back.
* Who says we overreact?
* RRRRROOOM! . . . I guess the . . . RRRRRROOOM! . . . Indy 500 m-BRRRROOOOM-ust be co . . . RRRRRRRRRRRROOOOM!!! . . . ming.
* CLASS MOVE OF THE WEEK: With 10 seconds to go in Game 5, Chicago Bulls coach Doug Collins came down to the Detroit bench and shook hands with every Pistons player.
* CLASSLESS MOVE OF THE WEEK: The high school tennis players in Grosse Pointe Woods who dumped horse manure and chicken parts inside their school. What’s the matter, guys? Forget your lunch money?
* Word is Michigan’s Gary Grant is skipping the U.S. Olympic trials to get his degree. Education’s gain. Nation’s loss.
* The truth can now be told. Potsie Weber, from “Happy Days,” grew up, moved to Michigan, and is Scott Wahle on Channel 4.



Stevey Petey?

Hey Potsie! Hey Scottie!


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