Class: Senior Composition
Grade: High School
Subject: English
School/Institution: Rogers High School Toledo, OH
I have been teaching “Tuesdays with Morrie” for as long as I have been teaching (9 years). It is always a roller coaster of excellent discussion, deep thought and yes, even a few tears. Working in an inner city, urban high school, my students are more familiar with the process of death, dying and grief than I am, at age 30. Some have experienced sudden loss (gunfire, stabbing, etc) and others have watched someone they love die slowly and painfully (AIDS, lung cancer, etc). Despite their losses, these kids are resilient, smart and focused. The number one question my students have after reading the book is always the same: “Can you get him to come here?” I always have replied that due to Mr.Albom’s schedule, it isn’t possible. However, that has changed as of today. I see that Mr.Albom is coming to our nearest community college (Owens Community College) in May and I would LOVE to set up a speaking engagement with him if possible earlier in the day, during our school day. Our kids would love to say “Thank You” to the man who made them see that “death ends a life, not a relationship.” If this is at all possible, please contact me at If not, thank you Mr. Albom for allowing streetwise students the chance to grieve their losses in a healthy way, through reading your (and Morrie’s) words.