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Every day I have less

In my bank account.

Every day I grow scared

As my losses mount.

Every day there is less

To the house that I own

And the equity in it

Like the wind, has blown.

Every day I see less

On my bottom line.

Every day something worsens

That used to be fine.

Every day in my family

There’s worry and stress.

Where we once dreamed of more

We now do with less.

Every day I hear stories

Of a company’s worth

Sinking to levels

From before my birth.

And places I shopped

Are now closing their doors.

Big firms I grew up with

Are big firms no more.

Every day I have less

Of a once strong sensation

That the leaders we choose

Are good for our nation.

Every day I think less

Of a boss I respected

Who parachutes out

With his own butt protected.

Every day I see less

Of the country I knew

Of the dreams we encouraged

Under red, white and blue.

Instead I see signs

Of foreclosure and sale

And people afraid

Of what comes in the mail.

I see layoffs and cutbacks

No help for the needy

As billions are given

To the powered and greedy.

And this news, it is endless

It burrows so deep.

It shadows my waking

It’s haunting my sleep.

Yet every day I have less

I cannot ignore it.

Something grows clearer

That wasn’t before it.

If I still have a job

I am luckier than some.

If I still have my house

It is better than none.

If I still have my wits

There are mouths I can feed.

If I still have my family

What more do I need?

If I still have my health

I am mercifully blessed.

If I think I have little

Someone has less.

Every day I discover

More mercy in me.

Every day I find out

Who my true friends will be.

Every day that I stumble

Or say, “I can’t do it!”

Is a day I discover

With God’s grace, I get through it.

So I learn a new lesson

If I keep a new score

That every day I have less

May be a day I have more.

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