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Gene Guidi

Go ahead, call me a homer, but I’m picking the Tigers to escape the cellar and finish fourth ahead of the Red Sox. The reason? I think the Tigers’ pitching and defense will improve enough to lift them a notch in the standings. A.L East — New York

A.L. Central — Cleveland

A.L. West — Seattle

Wild card: Toronto

N.L. East — Atlanta

N.L. Central — Cincinnati

N.L. West — Colorado

Wild Card: Montreal

World Series: Atlanta over Cleveland.

Charlie Vincent The value in having no expectations at all is that it is difficult to be disappointed. My worst fears were realized when Sparky Anderson named Mike Moore to pitch Opening Day. That told me all I needed to know about the pitching staff, which told me all I needed to know about bright hopes for this summer. My hopes now are confined to hoping we can have a baseball season without a strike, a lockout or a rainout.

AL East — Baltimore

AL Central — Cleveland

AL West — Oakland

Wild card: New York

NL East — Atlanta

NL Central — Houston

NL West — San Diego

Wild card: Cincinnati

World Series: Atlanta over Cleveland John Lowe Maybe I’m too excited about the Tigers’ kids, but I think they’re going to make this season’s team better than last year’s. It’s been so long since we’ve been able to watch a young team come together in Detroit, we may have forgotten how much fun it is. You’re going to like Bobby Higginson, Sean Bergman, Jose Lima, and if he gets here this season, Justin Thompson. And Chris Gomez will continue his ascent.

AL East: New York

AL Central: Cleveland

AL West: Oakland

Wild card: Chicago

NL East: Atlanta

NL Central: Cincinnati

NL West: Colorado

Wild card: St. Louis

World Series: Atlanta over New York. Mitch Albom In recent years I have looked at the Tigers’ pitching staff and said: “Where is the beef?” This year I look at the Tigers’ pitching staff and say: “Where is the beef — or the rolls, or the pickle or the mustard?” And even the hitting isn’t what it used to be without Phillips and Tettleton. Given the general anger toward baseball, all I can say is that if the Tigers hope to have any support from their fans this year, they had better hang around late signing autographs. Prediction: Fourth in the AL East.

AL East — New York

AL Central — Cleveland

AL West — Texas

Wild card: Toronto

NL East — Atlanta

NL Central — Cincinnati

NL West — San Francisco

Wild card: St. Louis

World Series: Atlanta over New York.


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