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* Now here’s something nice. In the past week I’ve spoken to Kirk Gibson, Dan Petry and Walt Terrell. All are former Tigers. All play now in California. And all live in Michigan during the winter.

* Take that, LA.
* And our air is cleaner, too.
* I don’t see how the Lions could even think of offering Jerry Glanville, the Oilers coach, $3 million for five years. He didn’t get that as Jerry Hubbard, Martin Mull’s sidekick on “Fernwood Tonight.”
* Actually, I like Glanville. He once left tickets for Elvis Presley at will call. Of course, if he coached in the Silverdome, he could leave tickets for Elvis, the Jordanaires, and the entire cast of “Blue Hawaii.”
* MICHIGAN 24, OHIO STATE 10. I don’t care if Bo got the Rose Bowl. You think he forgot last year?
* With a name like Troy Aikman, could he have gone anywhere but UCLA?
* I mean, really. Troy?
* I hear USC’s Rodney Peete — who has the measles — might play this weekend against the Bruins. This could be the first huddle ever where no one stands within 20 feet of the quarterback.
* I swear, Robin Givens reminds me of someone . . .
* I look at the NFL. I see countless teams with records of 6-5 or 5-6. And I see Buffalo at 10-1. If this is parity, Pete Rozelle can have it.
* And now, my impression of an NFL quarterback: Hut-hut . . . thud.
* Some people say actor Burgess Meredith’s greatest role was as Mick in
“Rocky.” Maybe. I prefer him as Minnesota Vikings coach Jerry Burns.
* Did Kirk Gibson deserve his MVP award this week? Sure. The Dodgers couldn’t win big without him. It’s most valuable. Not most statistical.
* Of course, with Jose Canseco, it’s both.
* MURPHY’S LAW AT WORK: Adrian Dantley, the quietest superstar, gets an elbow to the mouth. That never happens to Brian Bosworth.
* I have seen many ads where pictures contrast words. None so moving as a recent one that said “Thanksgiving” over a photo of a homeless man. Please remember the homeless during the holidays.
* Signs of the times: Tom Landry is getting clobbered in Dallas. The Boston Celtics have a losing record. And John McEnroe is in town, playing tennis, and hardly anyone seems to care.
* So Mayor Young wants Detroit and Windsor to co-host Olympics in 2000. Nice idea. They could run the men’s marathon across the bridge.
* Of course, they’d all have to clear customs, which could slow the race a bit.
* Pistons. 10-0. A club record.
* That’s a prediction, I reckon.
* Personally, I always got along with Darryl Rogers, and I wish him only good things. But there were times when his voice got a little squeaky, and he started sounding like . . . hey . . . wait a minute . . .

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