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10 predictions for Super Bowl XXIII:

* Jack Sheppard, St. Petersburg Times: San Francisco, 28-17. “I don’t think there’s any way the Bengals can stop Roger Craig and the passing game at the same time.”

* T.J. Simers, San Diego Union: Cincinnati, 33-27. “Because Walsh is no genius and Sam, of course, is.”
* Larry Dorman, Miami Herald: San Francisco, 31-14. “The bigger the game, the better Montana.”
* Ron Borges, Boston Globe: San Francisco, 28-10. “Too much defense.”
* John Czarnecki, Los Angeles Herald-Examiner: San Francisco, 28-10.
“Seriously? Because Jennifer and Joe (Montana) made a perfect team.”
* Ben Davidson, former Raider: San Francisco, 28-17. “I’m a Roger Craig fan.”
* Will McDonough, Boston Globe and CBS: San Francisco, 27-17. “Offenses equal, 49ers have better defense.”
* Jim Sarni, Ft. Lauderdale News & Sun-Sentinel: San Francisco, 23-17.
“Boomer has more charisma.”
* Garo Yepremian, former Dolphin: San Francisco, 24-16. “Montana is hot, and 49ers are simply playing better ball.”
* Gayle Gardner, NBC: Cincinnati, 21-20. “I picked the Bengals early; I won’t abandon them now.”


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