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2018 Michigan APME Finalists Announced

Finalists in the Michigan Associated Press Media Editors 2018 newspaper contest were announced today. The top three places — the awards in order of finish  —  will be announced at the annual awards banquet in Lansing on April 28. Mitch Albom’s column in the...


EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. The first snap of Super Bowl XLVIII sailed over Peyton Manning’s head and landed in his end zone. He trotted to the sideline already trailing by two points – having never touched the ball!The idea, to beat Denver, was to keep Manning...


I remember my first time.

I was nervous. I was embarrassed. I was already in my 20s and had never done it before.

But I did it.

And I liked it.

I came to Detroit.

Perhaps you are doing the same thing today for Super Bowl XL, arriving at our airport, checking into our hotels, looking at our river that leads to a Great Lake. Maybe you’ve never seen a Great Lake. Don’t worry. It’s like an ocean, but usually without the waves.

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