Nineteen days.

In nineteen days, donations from across the globe—from generous donors like you–raised over $82,000 to repair the Caring and Sharing Mission and Orphanage, which had been devastated by the massive earthquake in Haiti.

Five days.

Five days to turn crumbling, damaged buildings into a safe and sturdy home and school for over 70 children.

One team. One mission. One love.

On Monday, April 26th, we will return to Port-au-Prince, Haiti to begin the repairs on the mission. The showers will be showers (and not buckets with soapy water), bathrooms will have real toilets (and not holes in the ground), and walls will stand upright, providing privacy and security. And of course, the holes in the roof of the dorms will be patched. Anyone who has ever done a renovation knows that five days isn’t a lot. But it will be enough to transform destruction into hope for tomorrow. You can share in the experience with daily updates from Mitch (who will be on scene) on Facebook and Twitter.

On board is a team of greats who will join local laborers in Haiti, already preparing the site for construction:

  • Steve Adams, a welder and carpenter by trade, who now pastors at the church in Romulus, Michigan;
  • Chris Steinle, a former construction area worker who is now pastor of the Westland Church in Northshore, MI;
  • Lou DeLuca, a plumber and the father of nine children, including Anthony DeLuca who is coming to help as a plumber and electrician;
  • Mark Mendelsohn, a photographer in the greater Detroit area (who made the initial trip to Haiti with us and was greatly befriended by the kids);
  • Johnny Keith, a high school student at Warren DeLasalle in suburban Detroit;
  • Henry Covington, the subject of Have a Little Faith, who will be paying-it-forward by coming to Haiti to help repair another place of faith that takes care of the homeless.

We may not be able to give these kids everything they deserve, but together we can sure make a start.

Please pray for us, and as always, thank you for your generosity and support.

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