After 35 years, the Lucky Tiger Grease Stick Band, the high school group Mitch once belonged to, reunited Saturday in New Jersey for a SOLD OUT CONCERT. The eight bandmates – inspired to regroup after an article Mitch wrote about his memories of them in Parade magazine – performed for nearly two hours and did over thirty songs – and, according to Mitch, “were not booed off the stage – amazingly!”

From Mitch: “We were supposed to get together for a one hour sound check Saturday afternoon it turned into a five hour rehearsal. We were panicking because we sounded so bad we didn’t think we could pull it off. But the old adrenaline kicked in, we greased our hair back, and as soon as we went back on stage it was as if we never left.
“We opened with Rock Around The Clock – which we actually did in key! – and we were on our way. Our first “crack-up” moment: one of our singers (Rico) had brought some business cards to hand out to people after the show. He had them in his front pocket. He jumped up during a song and the cards flew out and scattered all over the stage and the audience. We were pretty much back in our element after that.
The night was fabulous, and many of our old high school friends showed up and danced. It was like going back in time 30 years. “

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