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* Washington 12, Arizona 9: When Buddy Ryan went to the desert, they compared him to Moses. They were right. It’ll be 40 years before that team will be good again.

* Pittsburgh 24, Cincinnati 7: Another fun Sunday night at the Shula house.

* Buffalo 20, Indianapolis 17: How about Marv Levy writing a fight song for his team, then singing it for the cameras? Next thing you know, he’s hosting MTV Raps.
* Miami 23, LA Raiders 16: I don’t want to say the Raiders are in trouble, but that Pirate on their helmets is now wearing a Band-Aid.
* NY Jets 17, New England 16: Bill Parcells returns to the Meadowlands. It’s kind of embarrassing when the opposing coach has more people cheering for him than the home team.
* Atlanta 28, San Francisco 24: Deion Sanders and Andre Rison on the same field at the same time? Whoa. The jewelry alone is enough to blind you.
* LA Rams 14, NY Giants 10: “Broadway” Dave Brown doesn’t exactly light it up yet, does he?
* Dallas 21, Philadelphia 17: I don’t get it. The Eagles are 4-1 and all week long, fans in Philly are screaming for coach Richie Kotite’s head. Hey, Philly. Wanna trade?
* San Diego 24, New Orleans 17: One of these weeks the Chargers are going to lose. Not this week.
* (Monday Night) Kansas City 30, Denver 24: Montana versus Elway. Set the VCRs. The best part will be the last 60 seconds.
* Best pick last week: Chicago 17, New Orleans 9 (Bears won, 17-7).
* Worst pick last week: NY Giants 24, Minnesota 20 (Vikings won, 27-10).
* Record last week: 7-6.
* Last week vs. spread: 6-7.
* Season record: 42-37.
* Season vs. spread: 41-36-2.


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