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* Lions 28, Patriots 21: Could they be too cocky? Could they be overconfident? Sure. So what? After what they did Monday night, to pick against this team would be un-American.

* Atlanta 34, Washington 24: After being held to three catches last week, Andre Rison came off the field and threw his helmet. Then he caught it. That made four.

* Indianapolis 14, Cleveland 10: Trev Alberts is out with injury. Steve Emtman is out with injury. I’m telling you, the next guy the Colts want to draft better run for his life.
* Kansas City 28, LA Rams 7: There are four undefeated teams in the NFL. Only one deserves to be. Set ’em up, Joe.
* Minnesota 23, Miami 22: John Randle’s breakfast cereal is in the shape of little quarterbacks.
* Green Bay 17, Tampa Bay 9: THE BATTLE OF THE BAYS! ALERT THE MEDIA! Oh. Wait. I am the media.
* Houston 6, Cincinnati 3: This game, or a glass of milk and some Sominex. Take your pick.
* San Francisco 20, New Orleans 1: I know it’s not possible to score one point, but I can’t see how the Saints can score any more than that.
* San Diego 26, LA Raiders 21: We haven’t heard a lot out of Jerry Ball since he joined the Raiders. But next time the earth shakes in LA, we’ll know it’s him.
* Seattle 20, Pittsburgh 16: The Seahawks, forced to play at Husky Stadium because of a collapsing Kingdome, have to wait two extra hours to start this game, because Washington University has a ceremony scheduled. Geez. Next thing you know, they cancel the game due to a toga party.
* NY Jets 19, Chicago 7: Andre Ware is missing in action, Rodney Peete is shooting off his mouth, and Erik Kramer is injured. Lions fans, how about our graduating class, huh?
* Buffalo 21, Denver 3 (Monday night): Why are they playing? Neither team is ever allowed back to the Super Bowl.
* Best pick last week: New York Giants 20, Washington 10 (Giants won, 31-23).
* Worst pick last week: Denver 24, LA Raiders 21 (Raiders won, 48-16).
* Record last week: 7-7.
* Last week vs. spread: 6-8.
* Season record: 21-21.
* Season vs. spread: 21-20-1.


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