Monday, January 10


Already at work at the new school at the Have Faith Haiti Mission

Tuesday, January 11


The school continues to grow


Photo from top of roof of dorms – that’s my nephew Johnny, who likes to work topless.

Two kids – Te-Te and Appolus – enjoy a granola bar. These are the moments – and reasons – we come down here.

Wednesday, January 12


One year after earthquake, the kids at HFH Mission are smiling. Please don’t forget

Today, for the first time ever, the kids at the orphanage ate a lunch. Peanut butter and jelly and orange juice. They were amazed, and we pretty much cried.

Thursday, January 13


School now has steps and a walkway! Amazing progress at the orphanage!

Friday, January 14


You want to see dedication? Lou DeLuca pulled a hamstring playing ball w/kids. Yet here he pushed water tank to roof – one legged! Muscle Crew is amazing!

The kids – for the last time – on a mattress outside. From now on, they sleep indoors – thanks to your help!

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