Lt. Col. Mark Weber, who has served 24 years in the U.S. Army and is now battling incurable cancer, visited Detroit June 3.  Mark spent time with Mitch and his assistant, Kerri Alexander, on his way to New York to appear live on “The View” June 5 to promote his book “Tell My Sons.”  A memoir to his three young boys, “Tell My Sons” was originally self-published by Mark, who printed 5,000 initial copies and quickly sold all of them.  Upon gaining some national exposure that he arranged himself, “Tell My Sons” was recently picked up by Ballantine Books, a division of Random House, and was re-released June 4 with an initial printing of 100,000 copies.  

While in Detroit, Mark had lunch with Mitch and Kerri, both of whom were seeing him for the first time after months of correspondence and phone conversations following Mark’s request for an endorsement of his book by Mitch.  Mark was also a guest on The Mitch Albom Show, during which he talked about his book, family, career, and prognosis.  Mark then joined in on a variety of subjects with Mitch and Ken Brown to close out the show.  He’s been invited back at the end of July.

You can listen to the show in the clips below.