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* It’s real nice that UNLV is going to win another championship, but please, let’s not turn Jerry Tarkanian into a hero.

* Fact is, Tarkanian earns his nickname, “The Shark.” In addition to the pile of NCAA violations already staring him in the face, a few years ago he managed to sneak New York City streetball legend Lloyd (Swee’ Pea) Daniels into his program — even though Daniels never graduated from any of the high schools he attended and couldn’t read beyond third-grade level.
* Daniels might be playing for the Runnin’ Rebels today. But less than a month after Tark brought him to UNLV, Swee’ Pea was arrested at a crack house. Wearing his UNLV T-shirt. Nice role model, huh?
* Coaches like Tarkanian, they say “every kid deserves a chance.” What they mean is, “If the kid can shoot, find a way to get him, the hell with rules.”
* Personally, I think Jerry should give up the act, and admit he’s really Telly Savalas.
* So Wade Boggs falls out of a moving truck, which his wife is driving, and everyone shrugs and goes back to their business.
* Which only shows you where baseball is at.
* Did anyone get a good look at that driver? I mean, it could have been Margo Adams, right?
* Have you noticed these great sports names all of a sudden? In golf we have Rocco Mediate (which sounds like something the Godfather would yell: “Rocco, mediate!”). In college basketball we have King Rice, (who, I guess, as King, ranks higher than Jerry, Tony and Allen.)
* And then there is Akeem Olajuwon, who recently announced that he wants it spelled H-a-k-e-e-m from now on, thank you. Only the “H” is silent.
* Which leads me to this conclusion: These NBA players just have too much time on their hands.
* Tickets to the Chuck Daly roast on April 3 at the Troy Marriott are still available. This event is special to me, because it raises money for Detroit kids to study music, dance and art. Chuck will be roasted by the likes of Isiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, John Salley, Scott Hastings, Jacques Demers, Jud Heathcote, Frank Layden, Doug Collins and others. Please join us April 3. For tickets, call 872-DALY.
* Now. Back to the NCAA. Why is it that every time I see Dean Smith, I expect him to lead a parade, like he did in “The Music Man” under his stage name, Robert Preston? Robert (Dean) Preston Dean (Robert) Smith
* Dennis Rodman is the one player who could push the Pistons into another round of playoffs — even when they otherwise don’t deserve it.
* It’s Friday. Do you know where your WLAF team is playing?
* How about that helmetcam, huh? Now there’s a great moment in sports.
* I usually don’t listen when athletes sing the blues about being used, unappreciated, then tossed on the heap. In Bob Gagliano’s case, I make an exception.
* Why do I have the feeling that Bo Jackson is going to get rich out of this injury thing, too?
* Speaking of Jackson, he is hardly the only two-sport athlete these days. What about Chris Sabo, who drops the baseball when the season is over and pulls on his shorts — as basketball star Chris Mullin?


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