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* Lions 26, Tampa Bay 14: I pick them to win, they lose. I pick them to lose, they win. I bet if I picked them to tie, they’d get rained out.

* Dallas 28, Washington 10: Norv Turner knows the Dallas offense well enough to stop it. He just doesn’t have the players.

* Green Bay 31, New England 20: That’s enough celebrating for you, Pats.
* Cleveland 20, NY Jets 10: Boomer Esiason was hurt last week and won’t play. Or, in New York lingo: Boomer, Bammer, Bummer.
* Seattle 17, Indianapolis 10: Marshall Faulk went from Sheriff Faulk in Week 1 to Deputy Faulk in Week 4.
* Atlanta 20, LA Rams 10: The Rams said Andre Rison better not come over the middle against their defense. Rison said he doesn’t go over the middle, he goes to the end zone. So Rison is better at insults, too.
* Chicago 19, Buffalo 17: Poor Erik Kramer. Goes from one quarterback controversy to another. Of course, he is making $2.7 million this year.
* Minnesota 18, Arizona 10: Things are so bad for Buddy Ryan, a caller to a local talk show asked to switch the team name back to Phoenix Cardinals, so the rest of the state wouldn’t have to be embarrassed.
* NY Giants 16, New Orleans 10: When your punter has your longest rush of the year, your team is in trouble.
* San Francisco 21, Philadelphia 17: Deion Sanders is OK and will play. Randall Cunningham says, “Oh, great.”
* Miami 27, Cincinnati 7: If Don is the father, how come David has less hair?
* Pittsburgh 23, Houston 14 (Monday Night): Is the AFC Central the closest thing to warm milk and a sleeping pill, or am I nuts?
* Best pick last week: San Diego 26, LA Raiders 21 (Chargers won, 26-24).
* Worst pick last week: Kansas City 28, LA Rams 7 (Rams won, 16-0).
* Record last week: 8-4.
* Last week vs. spread: 6-5-1.
* Season record: 29-25.
* Season vs. spread: 27-25-2.


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