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I can see it now. This Eric Dickerson thing. It has the makings of a national movement.

It was only last week that Dickerson — the star running back who was unhappy with his contract with the LA Rams — said, very loudly, that he wanted out.

And he got out.

A trade. To Indianapolis. He went from La-La Land to Moo-Moo Land in a matter of hours.

What will Eric Dickerson do in Indianapolis on a Sunday night after a game? In Los Angeles that was never a worry. He could go to dozens of trendy night spots, or dine at a number of trendy restaurants, or attend the never-ending parties at the homes of very trendy people, none of whom seem to work for a living.

But now? In Indianapolis? He’ll be lucky to find a gas station open. No more Malibu beach house. Uh-uh. This, after all, is a state named after the Hoosier, which is, well, it’s, well, you figure out what it is.

Of course Dickerson got a lot more money for his change in lifestyle.

And that is where I see the trend.

Next, Lawrence Taylor, who likes to wear a gold “LT” chain and write about his former drug habit, will go from New York to Kansas City for twice the money. And we will soon see Lawrence Taylor in a flannel shirt and work boots.
“I’m into beans now,” he will tell reporters.

Lester Hayes will say goodby to Los Angeles for the greener fields of Cleveland, and twice the money. “I like it here,” he will comment, “except nobody understands a word I say.”

Joe Montana will leave his heart in San Francisco and put his body in Pittsburgh. For twice the money. Mark Gastineau will clip his hair and take up residence in Tampa. For twice the money.

Soon the major glitz cities will have no superstars left, and all the networks will be bidding huge sums of money on the Buccaneers-Chiefs game. It could happen. I can see it. It could . . .

Nah. Forget it.

And now, this week’s picks . . . COWBOYS 27, LIONS 24: I see the Lions playing hard. I see the Lions playing close. I see the Lions trying to make up for all the bad things. I see the Lions losing anyhow.

INDIANAPOLIS 22, SAN DIEGO 20: And afterward, Dickerson takes all the San Diego guys to his favorite new Indianapolis restaurant — Wendy’s.

MINNESOTA 28, LA RAIDERS 20: I bet there are still 300 people inside the Metrodome waiting for the Twins to come out again.

DENVER 31, BUFFALO 0: Elway. Kelly. The ball will never come down.

MIAMI 31, CINCINNATI 30: Marino. Esiason. The ball will never come down.

CHICAGO 17, GREEN BAY 10: This time Jim McMahon picks up Charles Martin and slams him to the ground.

WASHINGTON 28, PHILADELPHIA 25: Sorry Buddy. The fun’s over.

TAMPA BAY 2, St. LOUIS 0: Is anyone interested? Can we have a show of hands?

PITTSBURGH 20, KANSAS CITY 10: See? Wouldn’t this game be more interesting if Lawrence Taylor and Lester Hayes were involved?

SAN FRANCISCO 28, HOUSTON 17: Do any of the minor 49ers have a darling Clementine?

NEW ORLEANS 20, LA RAMS 19: This time it’s the Rams’ fans who wear bags over their heads.

CLEVELAND 31, ATLANTA 7: Bernie, Bernie and more Bernie.

NEW ENGLAND 20, NY GIANTS 13: If I were the Giants, I’ll crawl into P.J.s on 51st Street and not come out until next season.

SEATTLE 30, NY JETS 21 (Monday night): The Seahawks, who play in the dome, look up and say: “Hey! What’s that thing?” It’s the moon.



BEST PICK LAST WEEK: Philadelphia 22, St. Louis 17. Philadelphia won, 28-23.

WORST PICK LAST WEEK: NY Jets 27, Indianapolis 24. Indianapolis won, 19-14.


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