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* I guess Denver is the city to be in these days. They’ve got a football team that won’t stop yelling and a basketball team that can’t catch its breath.

* John Elway complains that Dan Reeves doesn’t speak to him except during games. Reeves says sorry, he’s a little busy these days, what with a Bronco being arrested every half hour.
* And poor Paul Westhead. He ran this offense at Loyola Marymount, they called him a genius. He runs it in the NBA, they want to give him a breathalizer test.
* Some people think Detroit’s Rich Karlis is nuts to kick barefooted in cold weather. But Rich used to do a lot zanier things back in the ’60s, when he played Davy Jones in “The Monkees.”

* This weekend, folks. The Harvard-Yale game.
* Who has the TV on that, PBS?
* Is it just me, or did that Dennis Rodman ankle thing seem to fix itself real fast?
* I mean, one minute, he’s scheduling himself for surgery, the next minute he’s galloping after a loose ball. Is it the shoes, Mars?
* It ain’t the shoes. The truth is the Pistons’ coaches, while they love Dennis, still aren’t sure they understand him. He says he hurts. The X-rays show nothing serious. Then he says he’s OK. Then he’s starting. He baffles them. He baffles everybody.
* Speaking of baffling, how about the Lions’ quarterback situation? Poor Bob Gagliano. He gets thrown into so many fine messes, he’s starting to feel like Laurel and Hardy.

* Seriously, Gagliano deserves better. How would you feel if, at age 32, people kept telling you, “Sorry, we have kids to concentrate on”?
* The fact is, Gagliano is a good quarterback. At times, I think he understands the run ‘n’ shoot better than all of them.
* It says here that Cecil Fielder wins the MVP. I just have a feeling.
* And if Rickey Henderson complains, they should put a sock in his mouth.
* Question: When Darryl Strawberry said he “wasn’t appreciated” in New York, was he talking about his alcohol problems, his constant teammate-bashing, the fist he threw at Keith Hernanzdez or the time he smacked his wife in the nose? I’m just curious what New York didn’t appreciate.
* When Steve Fisher took over at U-M, I thought his big problem would be recruiting. Juwan Howard and Jimmy King? Maybe I was wrong.
* I’d sure like to know what the Arizona voters were thinking when they rejected a holiday for Martin Luther King Jr. I mean, politics aside. Whoever heard of voting against a holiday?
* Wasn’t that the first thing they taught us in school? Holiday good, school day bad?
* I’m glad Wayne Fontes can stay optimistic in yet another losing season. But he doesn’t need to yell “Yabba Dabba Doo!” whenever he hears a whistle.


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