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* I’m glad that Ernie Harwell will be on CBS Radio, but it seemed a bit much when WWJ (which will carry the games) kept broadcasting Thursday that “YOU CAN HEAR ERNIE, THIS SUMMER, RIGHT HERE ON WWJ, NEWS RADIO 95.”

* Hey, guys, you don’t have to shout. After all, it wasn’t you that hired him.
* Besides, I’m sure WJR heard you.
* Well, nobody was too surprised when Rollie Fingers was voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. But won’t they be shocked when he accepts the Oscar for his performance in the title role of “Hook”?
* Speaking of “Hook,” we went to a 10 p.m. showing, and at one point, my friend whispered, “It’s 20 to midnight, and he still hasn’t flown yet.”
* So much for my movie review.
* Bob Irsay interviewing George Perles. Now there’s a room full of football brilliance.
* With all the NFL coaching vacancies, Bill Walsh goes back to college, and Bill Parcells goes home.
* And Wayne Fontes is coaching the Pro Bowl.
* Makes sense, doesn’t it?
* Speaking of coaching options, you have to admire Buffalo’s Marv Levy, who goes to the Super Bowl next Sunday. Here’s a guy who returned to football, when he had a perfectly good acting career going under his stage name, Jason Robards.

* Given the way the media covered Clarence Thomas and William Kennedy Smith, I can hardly wait for the upcoming Mike Tyson rape trial.
* Listen. I want to answer a question I’ve been getting a lot: No, I won’t be going back to the Iditarod in Alaska this year; I’d like to, but it conflicts with the Winter Olympics. But if you’d like to attend, and fly with my trusty pilot, Old Jim Okonek, he has authorized me to give out his phone number. It’s K-2 Aviation, (907) 733-2291.
* Bring gloves.
* The NFL wants rap star Hammer off the sideline. But what about singer Teddy Pendergrass, the long-lost brother of Redskins cornerback Darrell Green?
* That Pistons-Bulls rematch on the Sunday before the Super Bowl wasn’t too clever of NBC programming, was it?
* Speaking of the Bulls, it’s good to see Michael Jordan hasn’t lost his sensitivity. When asked why Detroit guards Isiah Thomas and Joe Dumars weren’t doing well in the All-Star voting, he said: “Nobody likes Detroit.”
* But everyone loves an egomaniac, right?
* Elvis Grbac isn’t haunted by the Rose Bowl. He’s hard at work these days, rehearsing for the title role as Buddy Holly in the stage show “Buddy.”


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